Toxic fish? Here’s how you can avoid them.

If you talk to just about any dietician, they’ll have no problem telling you that fish is one of the best sources of lean protein you can get.

This isn’t just a low-calorie & easy-to-digest protein source: it’s also full of essential vitamins and nutrients, like Omega-3 Fatty Acids.

But with the increasing toxicity of our oceans & the overfishing of certain species, it can be difficult to choose which fish you can safely eat… which is why I put together this guide, letting you know the 6 major things to look for when choosing fish:

  1. Mercury content. No matter how nutritious a fish is it won’t help your health if it’s contaminated with mercury. The NRDC keeps an updated list on their website that lets you know which fish are safest, which fish you can enjoy in moderation, and which fish you should completely avoid.
  2. Method of fishing. Some fish are in danger of extinction, and others are caught in ways that hurt the environment. Do your part to improve the world & eat these types of fish sparingly (if at all).
  3. Caloric density. Caloric density is the term used to describe how many calories there are per ounce of food. Eating foods with low calorie density means you can eat more without going over your daily caloric needs – so this is extremely important to pay attention to if you want to keep a healthy waistline.
  4. Omege-3 Levels. Fish are a great source of Omega-3 Fatty Acids – but when it comes to these healthy fats, not all fish were created equal. Aim for fish with 1,000 milligrams of Omega-3’s in a 3 oz serving.
  5. Cost/Availability. Fish is definitely one of the more expensive proteins out there… but it doesn’t have to be. Some types fish are much more pricey than others, even though the less costly fish are just as healthy.
  6. Ease of preparation. Let’s face it – you won’t be eating fish too often if it’s a pain to prepare. Shellfish & bony fish can be a challenge… so unless it’s a special occasion, I don’t really eat those types of fish.

Obviously, there are a lot of different factors to look into when choosing fish… so I took the 7 most popular fish & simplified things for you by making this chart:

fish_chartAs you can see, it’s tough to find a fish that covers all of the bases.

Of course the way I see it, those first two columns are the most important. So as long as you’re eating low-mercury fish that’s been fished sustainably, you’re still making a healthy choice. Just make sure you make up for those nutrients somehow, whether it’s by eating a ton of flaxseeds or swallowing a capsule of my amazing Krill Oil Blend.

Which of these fish is your favorite? Let me know – I’ll have our chef take the most popular choice & come up with a great recipe for you.