Don’t let them silence your cheerleader

Yesterday, a Senate committee decided to bring Dr. Oz under fire, blaming him for basically every internet scam that’s been pulled over the last 2 years.

Until recently, Senators haven’t shown much interest in supplement companies… but a recent lawsuit against an unscrupulous Florida company has lawmakers scrambling for a scapegoat.

I agree that the FTC should be investigating scam companies…. But it’s not right that big government is coming after this man who’s helped so many people.

There are going to be thousands of uninformed people who disagree with me… but when you look at the facts, it’s easy to see why we need to stop this attack on Dr. Oz:

Fact #1: Dr. Oz’s show is about health & hope…nothing more, nothing less. 

When the Dr. Oz show premiered in 2009, it had one clear objective:

To inform the public about health issues, and encouraging them to take whatever steps necessary to improve the health of their whole body – from their skin, to their heart, to the size of their waist, and everything in between.

Not only does he offer great tips that will help stop bad habits, he helps his audience find ways to replace them with positive, healthy habits that will improve the overall quality of their life.

And he’s there for them every step of the way, giving them the hope and encouragement they need to carry on.

Dr. Oz actually phrased it best when he said:

“My job… is to be a cheerleader for the audience. And when they don’t think they have hope, when they don’t think they can make it happen… I want to look — and I do look – everywhere.”

Fact #2: Dr. Oz has never endorsed ANY product.

At the end of every segment, Dr. Oz has always used very specific language to let his viewers know that he doesn’t endorse any brands.

When he realized that this wasn’t enough, he decided it was time to take back his name and put this to an end. He started in 2012 with an article titled “My Name for Profit? Not Anymore.” When he realized that wasn’t enough, he went on the Today Show to talk about the dangers of the fraudulent ads that use his face to sell supplements.

Fact #3: Dr. Oz has encouraged his viewers to report supplement scams.

Dr. Oz asks all of his viewers to report any ad that uses his face to sell supplements. In fact, there is a whole page on his website dedicated to reporting and catching scammers!

If Dr. Oz was behind these scams, or if he made money off of them at all, it simply wouldn’t be in his interest to dedicate that much effort to catching scammers…. Which is why I believe Dr. Oz when he says “it’s not me”.

Fact #4: Dr. Oz has helped thousands get and stay healthy

The Dr. Oz show has aired more than 165 episodes over the past 5 years… and there hasn’t been a single episode that wasn’t helpful to at least one person.

He does this by taking complex scientific ideas, and explaining them in a way that anyone can understand. Not only that, but he makes health relevant to everyone. He encourages his audience to take their health into their own hands, and make their lives better.

Fact #5: Dr. Oz provides a much-needed alternative to mainstream healthcare.  

Like me, Dr. Ozknows thatthere is no one diet or lifestyle that will work for everyone. Every individual has a unique body chemistry, and will react to different things in different ways.

So he’s constantly seeking out alternative methods of healing, looking for new ways to get healthy – offering the American people as many alternatives as he can find.  Having alternatives is an American value that we can’t put a price on, and we should applaud anyone willing to seek out and share them with the public.

Scams existed before Dr. Oz, and they are going to continue existing after he’s gone. Shady advertisers will find a way to sell “snake oil” whether they have a face to use or not… attacking Dr. Oz and destroying his reputation isn’t going to stop that.

But it will stop this man from doing what he does best: encouraging people to take their health into their own hands, acting as a cheerleader and giving them hope for their future.

Everyone deserves that hope – which is why I’m asking you all to stand with me and support Dr. Oz through these trying times.