Winter Crafts: 3 Christmas Decorations You Can Make With Your Kids

If you like DIY, Upcycle, or crafting, then this post is for you.

We like to think of  Whole Body Research as more of a family than a company…which is why everyone, from the CEO down to our newest intern all got together to decorate the office for the holiday season.

Of course, most of these people are really creative…so some of those decorations were extremely unique!

Of course, my favorite decorations were the ones made out of empty Keybiotics bottles.

As you know, we recently decided to help out Mother Earth by switching from BPA-free plastic to glass bottles.

I’ve been using these things to hold spices, organize my office drawer…they’ve come in useful in a lot of ways.

But I never would have dreamed they could be used to actually decorate your home — at least until my assistant worked a little bit of magic on a few bottles, turning them into a Santa, Rudolph & Frosty:allThese things are seriously cool looking…and an amazing way to take ‘trash’ and turn it into something beautiful.

I loved the whole thing so much that I made her do it a second time…this time, so I could take notes & send you directions on how you can do this yourself!

Just click the picture of the project you want to make, and it will take you straight to the step-by-step instructions:

finishedClick HERE for Frosty Instructions
SantaClick HERE for Santa InstructionsRudolphClick HERE for Rudolph Instructions