Winter Crafts: Upcycle Your Keybiotics Bottle Into Frosty!

Follow these instructions to turn your old, empty Keybiotics bottles into a sparkly Snowman with your kids or grandkids! It’s a fun project for everyone…

Here’s what you’ll need:

1 round Styrofoam ball
Elmer’s glue-all
White glitter
1 Empty Keybiotics Bottle
Paper, cloth or felt to decorate snowman
Sponge brush
Hot Glue Gun
Empty supplement bottle

Step 1: Take the lid off your Keybiotics bottle. Make a small pile of hot glue in the center & press the Styrofoam ball on top. Set off to the side.
Step 2: Pour the Elmer’s glue into your empty supplement bottle (NOT the one you are decorating!). Fill it about ¾ full & fill it the rest of the way with water. Put on the lid & shake until it’s mixed.
Step 3: Hold the Keybiotics bottle by the rim while you use the sponge brush to coat the outside of the bottle. This doesn’t have to be perfect! Just make sure the sides are covered.
Step 4: Pour the white glitter all over the bottle, until all of the glue you painted on is thoroughly coated.
pour glitter
Step 5: Let your glue dry while you prepare whatever you are going to decorate your snowman with – this is where you can get REALLY creative and make this your own!
(We used leftover felt from our Santa project to cut out ‘coal’ and make a little top hat, but you can really use anything for this part. That’s what makes this project so great – it is COMPLETELY customizable, and no 2 snowmen will be the same!)

Step 6: After the glitter on the bottle is dry (this takes about an hour), you can attach your decorations.