Winter Crafts: Upcycle Your Keybiotics Bottle Into Rudolph!

This is by far the easiest of our winter crafts…so it’s great for tiny hands!

If you are doing this with your small ones, opt for something like regular elmer’s glue instead of hot glue…this project won’t be any fun if it end with painful burns on teeny fingertips!

Here’s what you’ll need:

2 Googly Eyes (9mm looks best)
1 Red Bobble (10mm)
2 Brown Pipe Cleaners
1 Empty Keybiotics Bottle
Hot Glue Gun

Step 1: Glue the two googly eyes about 1 cm below the curve of the bottleneck.
eyes Step 2: Attach the nose just below & in the center of the eyes.
nose Step 3: Fold one of the pipe cleaners in half & place the folded part into the top of the bottle.
pipe cleanerStep 4: Fold the pipe cleaner off to the side.
antler1Step 5:Carefully put screw the lid on, so the ‘antlers’ are sticking out of the side.
put on capStep 6: Cut the pipe cleaner in half and twist ½ onto each side of the ‘antlers’. After that, simply  adjust the pipe cleaners until they resemble Rudolph’s antlers, & you’re done.