Winter Crafts: Upcycle Your Keybiotics Bottle Into Santa!

This project looks MUCH more complicated than it is… especially if you use this handy template we made!

It’s gonna look the BEST if you follow the FULL instructions & use felt or some other kind of cloth material….but if you want to save a little time & still make this awesome Santa decoration, you can just print the template in color and use regular Elmer’s glue to attach everything.

Here’s what you’ll need:

Red, Black & White Felt
1 Template
1 Empty Keybiotics Bottle
2 Googly eyes (6mm)
Bit of cotton (we used the fluff from a supplement bottle!)
Hot Glue Gun
Paper ClipsOptional: Orange marker, glue & glitter

Step 1: Print out your template & cut out each shape. You will end up with 2 large red pieces, 1 strip of black material, 2 strips of white & a small belt buckle.
felt Step 2: Use the paperclips to pin the template cutouts to your felt pieces.
paper clip Step 3: Carefully cut the felt to match the template. cut Step 4: Make the hat: Roll the hat into a cone & glue it together. Glue the little white strip to the bottom rim of the hat & put a small ball of that cotton fluff on the tip. Once this is all dry, you can fold the hat to the side & glue it in place to have that real ‘Santa’ look.

Step 5: Attach the outfit: With the cutouts facing the top of the bottle, wrap the large piece of red material around the bottle & secure it in place with hot glue.
IMPORTANT: Don’t glue down the 4 flaps near the bottle neck yet!
Step 6: Place a line of glue on one of the flaps and press it into the bottle neck. Repeat the same thing with the flap next to it, but let the edge of the flap overlap on top of the first one. Continue this pattern until you get to the last flap.
suit 1
Step 7: Now that you have the main part of his ‘suit’ on, you’re almost halfway there! Now you can glue the rest of the cutouts. You can even go a step further & add on a few felt buttons while you’re at it.
OPTIONAL: Before gluing the belt buckle, color it in with an orange marker, paint a layer of glue & sprinkle on some glitter. This will take your Santa Bottle over the top!
Step 8: Attach your googly eyes to the lid, then glue another puff of fluff on as the beard. Top with the Santa hat you made & you’re done!

What I like about this one is that if you are careful with your glue, you can even wrap this up around a brand new bottle of Keybiotics and give the gift of health to someone you love!